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Motor and Engine Oil grades

Motor oil, engine oil or diesel oil is an oil used for lubrication of various internal combustion engines. The main function of the oil is to lubricate moving parts; it also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts...

The American Petroleum Institute (API)                                                Developed a classification system which defines the various classes of service applicable to petrol and diesel engines The letter 'S' is used to designate lubricant grade applicable to spark ignition (petrol) engines. The classification range from SA to SL. Passenger cars and light delivery commercial vehicles The letter 'C' is used for compression ignition (diesel). Here the classification range from CA to CI4plus.


S - Service Station Classifications

API SA                                                

Defines non additive Oils.

API SB --- For minimum duty petrol engines service 

Defines lightly  compounded oils  

API SC ---- For 1964 petrol engine maintenance. 

Engine oils that protect against high and low temperature deposits, wear and corrosion.

API SD ---- for 1964 Petrol engines Maintenance

Engine oil suitable for petrol engines manufactured during 1968 up to 1971.    

API SE ---- for 1972 petrol engines.

Petrol engine oil manufactured during 1972 - 1980. these oil comply with MIL-L-46152

API SF ---- for 1980 Petrol Engine Warranty Maintenance Service (Obsolete)

Oils suitable for al non turbocharged petrol engines manufactured during 1980 - 1988. these oils have improved oxidation stability and anti-wear properties compare with the SE Oils.

API SG ---- for 1989 Petrol Engine Warranty Maintenance

Defines oil suitable for petrol engines manufactured till 1989 and for diesel engines API CC. These oils provide higher performance levels than the SF oils.

API SH ---- for 1994 Petrol Warranty Maintenance

Defines engine oil suitable for use in service conditions typical of all passenger vehicle and light truck petrol engines before or after this date. these oils provide superior performance in the areas of deposit control, oil oxidation, wear, rust and corrosion. 

C - Diesel engine oil. Commercial Classifications 

API CA                                                                                        

Suitable for certain diesel and petrol engines operating under mild to moderate service conditions.

API CB --- For diesel engine service.

Defines oils suitable for naturally aspirated and petrol engines under mild to moderate conditions. CB oil protect against belt deposit formation and bearing corrosion.

API CC ---- For Diesel Engines service

These diesel oil is suitable for certain, moderate to severe duty diesel engines and some heavy duty petrol engines protect against bearing corrosion and high temperature deposits in diesel engines and against low temperature deposits in petrol engines. (MIL-L 2104C)

API CD11 ---- For severe duty two-stroke cycle diesel engines.

Defines oils providing highly effective wear and deposit control. These oils comply with API CD requirements.   

API CE ---- For 1983 Diesel Engines Service

Oils suitable for turbo charged and supercharged heavy-duty diesel engines from 1983 - 1990. includes all the requirements of API CD as well as those of Mack T-6 and T-7 and Cummins NTC-400 engine test.

API CF ---- For Indirect-Injected Diesel engine Service

Describes oil suitable for using fuel with high sulphur content. Effective control of piston deposits, wear and copper-containing bearing corrosion is essential fotr these engines, which may be naturakky aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged. these oils may be use when API Service category CD is recommended.

 API CG-4 ---- For 1994 Severe - Duty Diesel engine Service

These oils are suitable for use in high-speed four-stroke-cycle diesel engines uses in both heavy-duty on-highway (0.05% wt sulfur fuel) and off-highway (less than 0.5% wt sulfur fuel) applications 

API PC-6 ---- For 1994 diesel Engine Service

These oils are designed to address engine wear and deposits linked to fuel specifications and engine designs require to accommodate 1994 EPA emissions regulations


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