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Lubricants Online Profile
Bertus Meyburgh
PO 9699
South Africa
Mobile: 0828004599
Table of Content
Business Description
Why buy from lubricants Online
How you can order
Business Description
Lubricants Online is a virtual online shop where you can buy all kinds of lubricants (engine oil, hydraulic oil, industrial oil, gear oil etc).
Our head office is in Bloemfontein in the center of South Africa from where we conduct all our
Our suppliers that blend the oil are based throughout South Africa.
Currently we are supply oil to Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Moazambiek and Zimbabwe.
Why buy from Lubricants Online
We did extensive market research where we found that there is a need for customers to buy
lubricants hassle free at very good prices.
Frustration points that we pickup if you want to buy oil;
Contact number
Contact person
Technical information
Order tacking
Product information
Negotiating the price
Our prices are very competitive because we buy in bulk.
All our deliveries are done by various courier companies throughout South Africa.
A minimum of 200 liters is required per order.
If you want delivery to Africa countries you must arrange your own transport.
Delivery time is from 24 hours up to 3 days. All depends on stock availability.
On most of the products, delivery is included to all major cities in South Africa. However,
depending on your locality there could well be a delivery cost. Please contact us to clarify whether
there are delivery costs or not.
If you order high volumes of oil it places us in the situation where we can negotiate better prices
at our suppliers.
We deal with major oil companies that have an unlimited supply of products. First time buyers who
wants to buy on a continual basis must  give their monthly volumes
in advance to have stock available on certain products at all times.
Some of the products we import directly and are not always available on order.
On the most common products we can supply 100% of the products within 24 hours
Before the product leaves the depot we need an internet transfer. On cash and bank payments
the money must first clear into our account before we will release the order.
On orders off 3000 liters or more 50% deposit on placing of the order and the balance of the
payment before the order is released.
We will open accounts on our terms and conditions
How you can order
You can order in two ways;
1.    Buy directly from the website
2.    Send a mail of the product you need and where you want it to be delivered and we will
send you a quote.
In conclusion
With the advantage of the internet and the general worldwide trend to move towards online
business it is only logical to offer a central point from which to search,
compare and order lubricants and related products from various companies in a way that is not
only convenient to you as the customer, but also simple and reliable.
We are a professional team dedicated to offering an excellent service not only to people using our
website, but also to all the companies selling their products through it.
We are excited to offer you this powerful tool to buy your products and look forward to becoming
your online virtual supplier.



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Lubricants Online offers a comprehensive range of lubrication products for automotive and industrial usage. Lubricants Online hosts products from all the well known brand name lubricant companies and can be delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa – no hassle, no fuss.

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