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Spec Oils
Automotive Gear Oils
Gear Oils GL-4
Gear Oils GL-5
EP 90 GL-5
Spec Oil EP 90 GL-5
EP 80W90 GL-5
EP 85W140 GL-5
Spec Oil 85w140 GL-5
EP 75W90 GL5
Spec Oil 75w90 GL-5
Limited Slip Oils
EP 90 GL-5
Spec Oil EP 90 Limited Slip GL-5
EP 85W140
Spec Oil EP 85w140 Limited Slip GL-5
Biodegradable Oils
Engine Oils
Monograde Oil SAE 10w
SAE 10w SF/CF4 (Torque Fluid)
Spec Oil 10w SF/CF4
Monograde Oil SAE 30
Spec Oil SAE 30 Engine Oil SF/CD
Spec Oil SAE 30 Engine Oil SF/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 30 SF/CC
Monograde Oil SAE 40
Spec Oil SAE 40 SF/CD
Spec Oil SAE 40 Engine Oil SF/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 40 Engine Oil SF/CC
Monograde Oil SAE 50
Spec Oil SAE 50 CH4/SJ
Spec Oil SAE 50 SF/CF4
Multigrade Oil 10w40
Multigrade Oil 15w40
15w40 SL/CF4
Spec Oil 15w40 SL/CF4
15w40 SF/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 15w40 SF/CF4
15w40 SJ/CH4
Spec oil 15w40 SJ/CH4
15w40 SL/CI4
Spec Oil 15w40 CI-4/SL
15w40 SG/CF4
Spec Oil 15w40 SG/CF4
Multigrade Oil 20w40
Multigrade Oil 20w50
20w50 SF/CC
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SF/CC
20w50 SF/CD
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SF/CD
20w50 SF/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SF/CF4
20w50 SG/CD
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SG/CD
20w50 SL/CG4
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SL/CG4
20w50 SG/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SG/CF4
20w50 SJ/CH4
Spec Oil 20W50 SJ/CH4
20w50 SJ/CF4
Spec Oil SAE 20w50 SJ/CF4
Multigrade Oil 25w60
Two Stroke Oils
Outboard Oil
Spec Oil Outboard Oil
Two Stroke Oil
Spec Oil Two Stoke TC-W
Foodgrade Oils
Foodgrade & Pharmaceutical White Oils
White Oil 68
Spec Oil White 68FP
White Oil 30
Spec Oil White 30FP
White Oil 20
Spec Oil White 20FP
White Oil 15
Spec Oil White 15FP
Foodgrade Hydraulic Fluid Standard
Foodgrade Hydraulic Fluid Synthetic
Foodgrade Industrial Gear Oils
Foodgrade Utility
Grease 5th Wheel
Grease 5th Wheel
Spec Oil 5th Wheel Grease
Grease Automotive
Grease Red Rubber
Spec Oil Red Rubber Grease
Grease Lithium Complex Plain
Spec Oil Lithuim Complex Plain
Anti Leak Grease
Spec Oil Anti Leak Lube O
Grease CV Joint
Grease CV Joint
Spec Oil CV Grease
Grease EP Range
Grease EP 3L
Spec Oil EP-3 Grease
Grease EP 0
Spec Oil EP 0 Grease
Grease EP 000
Spec Oil EP 000
Spec Oil EP 000
Grease EP 00
Spec Oil EP 00
Grease EP 1L
Spec Oil EP 1
Spec Oil EP 1L
Grease EP 2L
Spec Oil EP 2
Grease LEP 2N
Spec Oil LEP 2N
Grease Heavy Duty
Lithuim Complex Super
Spec Oil Lithuim Complex Super
Lithuim Complex Red
Spec Oil Lithuim Complex Red
Ultra Duty Grease
Spec Oil Ultra Duty Grease
Grease Industrial
Grease Copper Compound
Spec Oil Copper Compound
Calcium Sulphonate Complex NGLI2
Spec Oil Sulphonate Complex NGLI2
Rod Grease
Spec Oil Rod Grease
HD Antizeez Grease
Spec Oil HD Antizeez Grease
Grease Waterproof Antiseize Pink
Spec Oil Waterproof Antiseize Pink
Grease GWP Dressing
Spec Oil GWP Dressing
Grease Rockdrill 390
Spec Oil Rockdrill 390 Grease
Grease Marine
Spec Oil Marine Grease
Lithuim Calcium EP2
Spec Oil Lithuim Calcium EP2
Calcium Complex No2
Spec Oil Calcium Complex No2
Grease Pin & Bush
Pin & Bush Grease
Spec Oil Pin & Bush
Grease Wheel Bearing
Grease HD (W/B) Bentonite (600)
Spec Oil HD Wheel Bearing Grease
Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Ashless
Hydraulic A/L 32
Spec Oil Hydraulic 32 Ashless
Hydraulic A/L 46
Spec Oil Hydraulic 46 Ashless
Hydraulic A/L 68
Spec Oil Hydraulic 68 Ashless
Hydraulic Fire Resistance
Hydraulic (F/R)
Spec Oil Afrisafe HFC 7000
Hydraulic HI Viscosity Index
Hydraulic Fluid UHVI 68
Spec OIl Hydraulic UHVI 68
Hydraulic Fluid UHVI 46
Spec OIl Hydraulic UHVI 46
Hydraulic Standard
Hydraulic Fluid 32
Spec Oil Hydraulic 32
Hydraulic Fluid 46
Spec Oil Hydraulic 46
Hydraulic Fluid 68
Spec Oil Hydraulic 68
Hydraulic Fluid 100
Spec Oil Hydraulic 100
Industrial Oils
Chaisaw & Cutterbar
Chainsaw & Cutterbar
Spec Oil Cutterbar Classic (Virgin)
Spec Oil Cutterbar Classic (REGEN)
Spec Oil Cutterbar Oil (150)
Circulating & Turbine Oil
Circulating Oil
Circulating 150
Spec Oil Circulating 150
Circulating 220
Spec Oil Circulating 220
Circulating 100
Spec Oil Circulating 100
Circulating 32
Spec Oil Circulating 32
Compressor Oil
Comp 100
Spec Oil Comp 100
Comp 68
Spec Oil Comp 68
Comp 46
Spec Oil Comp 46
Comp 32
Spec Oil Comp 32
Cutting & Drawing Oil
Soluble Oil
Spec Oil Cemsol GP
Spec Oil Soluble 800
Neat Cutting
Spec Oil Thread Cutting Oil Furara 4032
Spec Oil Neat Cutting Furara 4032
Spec Oil Honing Volcohone DD
Heat Transfer Oil
Heat Transfer 32
Spec Oil Heat Transfer 32
Heat Transfer 100
Spec Oil Heat Transfer 100
Heat Transfer 22
Spec Oil Heat Transfer 22
Spec Oil Heat Transfer 22
Industrial Gear Oil
Industrial Gear Oil 680
Spec Oil Industrial 680
Industrial Gear Oil 320
Spec Oil Industrial 320
Industrial Gear Oil 150
Spec Oil Industrial Oil 150
Industrial Gear Oil 100
Spec Oil Industrial Oil 100
Industrial Gear Oil 68
Spec Oil Industrial 68
Industrial Gear Oil 1000
Spec Oil Industrial 1000
Industrial Gear Oil 220
Spec Oil Industrial 220
Industrial Gear Oil 460
Spec Oil Industrial 460
Mould Release Oil
Mould Release
Spec Oil Mould Release EM
Quenching Oil
Quenching 32
Spec Oil Quenching Oil 32
Rockdrill Oil
Rockdrill 320
Spec Oil Rockdrill 320
Rockdrill 220
Spec Oil Rockdrill 220
Rockdrill 150
Spec Oil Rockdrill 150
Rockdrill 100
Spec Oil Rockdrill 100
Slide & Way Oils
Slideway 32
Spec Oil Slideway 32
Slideway 68
Spec Oil Slideway 68
Spindle Oil (Base Oil)
Steam Cylinder Oil
Steam Cylinder Oil 150
Spec Oil Steam Cylinder 150
Steam Cylinder Oil 220
Spec Oil Steam Cylinder 220
Steam Cylinder Oil 460
Spec Oil Steam Cylinder 460
Steam Cylinder Oil 680
Spec Oil Steam Cylinder 680
Transformer Oil
Virgin Uninhibited
Spec Oil Transformer (UNINHIBITED)
Spec Oil Transformer Oil (REGEN)
Turbine Oil
Turbine 32
Spec Oil Turbine 32
Turbine 46
Spec Oil Turbine 46
Turbine 68
Spec Oil Turbine 68
Turbine 100
Spec Oil Turbine 100
White Oil Industrial
White Oil 8
Spec Oil White 8C
White Oil 68
Spec Oil White 68C
White Oil 30
Spec Oil White 30C
White Oil 20
Spec Oil White 20C
White Oil 15
Spec Oil White 15C
Refrigeration Oils
Semi & Part Synthetic Oils
Cutting Oil
Engine Oil
Multigrade 5w40
Spec Oil 5w40
Spec Oil 5W40 SM/CF
Multigrade 5w30
Spec Oil 5w30
Spec Oil 5W30 SM/CF
Multigrade 15w50
Spec Oil 15w50 SL/CF4
Multigrade 10w40
Spec Oil 10W40 SM/CF
Gear Oil
Transmission Oil
Synthetic Oils
Compressor Oil
Engine Oil
Multigrade 10W30
Spec Oil 10w30 SJ/SL
Spec Oil 10W30 SJ/CH
Multigrade 10W40 SM/CL
Spec Oil 10W40 SM/CF
Multigrade 10W40 XHP CI4/CF
Spec Oil 10W40 XHP CI4/CF
Gear Oil
Industrial Gear Oil
Solubel & Cutting
Spec Oil Cut 003
Transmission Oils
DX 111
Tractor Oils
Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU)
Super Tractor Oil Universal 20w40 (STOU)
Spec Oil 20w40 (STOU)
Super Tractor Oil Universal 15w40 (STOU)
Spec Oil 15w40 (STOU)
Super Tractor Oil Universal 10w30 (STOU)
Spec Oil Agri 10W30
Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO)
Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO)
Spec Oil UTTO 10w30
Transmission Oils
ATF DX 111
Spec Oil ATF DX 111
Spec Oil ATF DX11
Transmission TO-4
Transmission TO-4 60
Spec Oil Transmission 60
Transmission TO-4 50
Spec Oil Transmission 50
Transmission TO-4 40
Spec Oil Transmission 40
Transmission TO-4 30
Spec Oil Transmission 30
Transmission TO-4 10
Spec Oil Transmission 10
Utility products
Anti-freeze 95% Consentrate
Spec Oil Antifreeze 95%
Anti-freeze 33% Consentrate
Spec Oil Antifreeze 33%
Anti-freeze 50% Consentrate
Spec Oil Antifreeze 50%
Anti-Freeze Longlife
Spec Oil Anti-Freeze Longlife
Base & Process Oils
Needle & Textile
Spec Oil Needle & Textile
Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid Dot 4
Spec Oil Brake Fluid DOT 4
Degreaser Solvent Base
Paraffinic Base
Spec Oil Mining Solvent 2325
Spec Oil Engine Cleaner P/B
Degreaser Water Base
General Purpose
Spec Oil Engine Cleaner W/B
Water Base Heavy Duty
Spec Oil Extreme Engine Cleaner W/B
Spec Oil Dragline Cleaner
Electrical Cleaner
Electrical Cleaner
Spec Oil Electrical Cleaner Type 1
Spec Oil Electrical Cleaner Type 3
Spec Oil Electrical Cleaner Type 6
Hand Cleaner
Hand Cleaner (Grid)
Spec Oil Hand Cleaner Orange (GRID)
Spec Oil Citroscrub
Other Oils

Spec Oils
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